Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Upcoming Series: Teaching Tips for Language Learning

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I am so excited to bring to you in January a whole series on teaching tips for language learning! I have been working since November creating graphics and writing posts so that I could bring you thirty-one days of teaching ideas! There will be all kinds of activities provided that you can use within your classroom. Many of the ideas can also be transferred to a homeschool or small group setting. Actually, most of my teaching these days is done that way since I offer small group lessons to kids.

So here is a quick look at what is in store on Debbie's Spanish Learning...

I love variety in my teaching because frankly, I get bored easily! So I will have posts on how to incorporate art and drawing into language learning. I will give you ideas on how to use Story Cubes, stickers, and word clouds to build your students' vocabulary and increase their fluency. We will talk about how to incorporate pictures, board games, and even flyswatters into what you do. So please join me in the new year. My hope is that you will be able to glean something new that you can go use in your teaching.

This is the link to a post with the list of everything I will be discussing. Please note that the link won't work until January 1st.

Teaching Tips for Language Learning

See you soon!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

31 Days of Teaching Tips Coming Soon!

It has been quiet here as I have been frantically working to finish a series coming in January to the blog, 31 Days of Teaching Tips for Language Learning. Here is the link (which won't go live until January 1, 2016). I thought in the meantime I would share the above graphic to give you an idea of some of the topics I will be covering when it comes to teaching another language. Whether you are a language teacher in the school system or a homeschool mom trying to impart another language to your kids, it is my hope that you will find something useful during the series that can help you in your teaching. I hope to see you in January!!