Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Days of the Week Game

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When it comes to young children and teaching them concepts of time it can be difficult.  Not because kids aren't smart, but because they live out of the concept of time early on (A wonderful place to be!).  So I always find it a challenge to teach kids the days of the week, the months and the clock. This past week I came up with a new game to get kids started on memorizing the days.

I used file folders, candy stickers, Library Pockets, and Monster bulletin board accents.  In each file folder I attached seven pockets with one day of the week written on each one.  The days were then placed in order in the folder. On the monster accents I wrote a day of the week on each one.  I made this game so that three students could I made three set of monsters, each with a day of the week on them (lunes through domingo).  I then made a few extra monsters with candy in their bellies. These are wild cards.

To play each student gets a file folder.  We place all the monsters face down on the table.  The object of the game is to fill each of your pockets with the correct day of the week.  But here's the have to fill the pockets in order! So if you don't pick up "lunes" on your first try you have to put the card back.  As you play have the kids say the days they have filled and then the one they are looking for before picking up a card.  This helps with rote memorization.  If they pick up a candy monster he can just go in their next pocket.

Lots of fun!  This concept can be used for other numbers, ordinal numbers, months, etc....basically, any concept that has an "order" to it.