Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Shape Monsters

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 Learning the names of shapes in another language is a great activity for preschool age kids or those in the lower elementary levels.  These are the shapes that I tend to teach my students...

El círculo-circle

El triángulo-triangle

El cuadrado-square

El rectángulo- rectangle

La estrella-star

La medialuna-crescent, half moon

El corazón-heart

El óvalo-oval

El diamante-diamond

I create little packets of colored shapes that I hand out to my students.  Their job is to create a shape monster or two with the shapes by gluing them together or onto a piece of paper.  I then have my students present their creations to me by telling me in Spanish what each body part is made of.  For example, "Los ojos son circulos."  or "El cuerpo es un diamante."  You can also have them tell you the colors of the body parts.

To create the shapes I used the following items:

Fiskars 196920-1001 Portable Paper Trimmer, 12-Inch (Good for creating the larger shapes with straight edges.  You will need a couple of  big shapes in each packet that can be used as bodies.)
Fiskars Circle Cutter (Good for bigger circles for the bodies)
Fiskars Shape Template, Ovals (Bigger ovals for the bodies)
Circle Punches
Square Punches
Paper Punch Set, Mini, Heart and Star

Triangles are easily made by cutting squares in half. Crescents can be made with by punching out circles and then hand cutting the curve out of one side of the circle.

I use astrobright paper to cut everything out, and then I pack Ziploc sandwich bags with a variety of shapes. Not every packet is the same and they aren't required to use all the shapes.  I just want them to be creative and come up with some kind of monster.  Such a fun and cute activity!

Books to Use with Shape Monsters

Fuera de Aquí, Horrible Monstruo Verde
El Monstruo de Colores
El Monstruo de los Monstruos

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  1. This is awesome! Will be teaching my daughter this thank you so much for sharing! Blessings