Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Teaching Numbers with Children's Books

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There are a plethora of great children's books in Spanish that focus on numbers and counting. Here is a short list that is helpful when teaching young kids to count.

Elefante tiene hipo- This book is out of print, but I LOVE the humor in it and the fact that students can practice counting down from ten to one.

Un Alce, Veinte Ratones - I have written about this book before on my blog.  Great one for teaching numbers 1-20.

Abuelita fue al mercado-A trip around the world using numbers.

Demasiados Globos-I have used this book for over a decade to review numbers and colors.

Apréndete Tus Números- A great series of books for learning to skip count...

Huevos y patas- Counting by 2's
¡Montones de mariquitas!- Counting by 5's
Correle, correle ciempies!- Counting by 10's

El Libro de Contar de Los Chocolates Marca M&M - A great activity book for reviewing numbers up to 12, colors, and shapes.  It even gets into groupings (like "seis grupos de dos").

Do you have any great children's books you use for teaching numbers?  Would love to hear what you use!


  1. Thanks! This is perfect. I'm doing a Spanish club for homeschoolers and the library search engine just wasn't cutting it. I will be back for more great ideas...