Monday, February 2, 2015

Mi Calendario {Teaching Dates, Seasons, and Weather with a Free Printable}

Over my years of teaching Spanish to young kids, I have found that the calendar, seasons, and the weather can be a challenge for them to cement in their brains. It takes a lot of review, and the best way is to talk about it each day for awhile until the concept of the passing of time becomes familiar to them. I recently purchased this calendar at half price and have been using it with my students. I am seriously wondering if I bought the last one available {I know I did from the company I ordered it from}. I wanted to have a smaller take-home version for my parents to be able to use with their kids at home.

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So I created this calendar that reviews yesterday, today, tomorrow, the date, season and weather for the day. You can download it and print it using the link below. {On the screen the page looks off, but print it out and it will be fine.} I then laminated these pages using this laminator {If you are looking for a laminator to use at home this is it! Inexpensive and works really well!!}. By laminating them I can give one copy to each parent and they can have their kids use a dry erase marker to pick the date, days, etc. It can be used over and over again. {Note: Some colored dry erase markers are harder to remove. The black seems the easiest. Also, rubbing alcohol helps the cleaning process.}

So here is the file...There is also a second page with questions in Spanish that parents can use as they review the calendar each day.

Mi Calendario

Here are some more items to use with kids to teach weather and seasons...

Weather and Clothes Puzzle-With this puzzle you can go over clothes, weather, colors, and seasons.

Pink "Mi Calendario"-Similar to the one above that is no longer available.

Laminated Weather Chart in Spanish


  1. Thanks Debbie for sharing this resource. Muchas gracias ;-)

  2. I would love to print this document but I am having a hard time doing so through Scribd. Is there another way?

  3. Hi Emily- Yes, there might be another way for me to post it for you, but unfortunately my computer that has the file is being worked on. I will try to make my self a reminder to load it differently for you when I get my computer back. Another option is that when you go into Scribd after you have it download it might say "enable editing". Click on that and it will make the document line up correctly so you can print it. If that doesn't help I will try to remember to load it differently when I get my computer back. Thanks for your patience!

  4. Emily-I have just posted above another link to the document that I hope will be easier to print. Let me know how it goes.