Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Si Quieres Ver Una Ballena {Book and Learning Activities}

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This fall I am working on getting an ocean unit study ready in Spanish for my students. While searching for ocean-themed books I came across Si quieres ver una ballena , a sweet book about a boy who gives advice on how to see a whale. Throughout the book he gives tips like...

"You need an ocean to find a whale."
"Don't look at tiny things as a whale is big."
"Keep your eyes on the sea."

I was reviewing prepositions with some of my students and thought that this would be an excellent opportunity to use the items in the book to recreate part of the story by drawing them. Before we read the story, I reviewed prepositions with my students. {Here are some ideas...I use "Blobby Robby" and a cup to demonstrate the prepositions while teaching the vocabulary.} Then we read the book. Finally, I had them get out pencil and paper and described a picture to them in Spanish based on the book. We did one sentence at a time...I would pause and let them draw that sentence before moving onto the next one. I tried to use vocabulary from the book plus prepositions. Here are the sentences if you would like to use them...

Hay una ventana.
Hay un océano que pueden ver por la ventana.
Debajo del agua, hay una ballena.
Arriba en el cielo, hay un sol.
Cerca del sol, hay una nube.
Encima del agua, hay un bote.
Hay un perro dentro del bote.
A la izquierda del bote, hay una silla encima del agua.
Encima de la silla, hay una rosa.
Hay un pájaro lejos de la nube.

Finally, at the end I showed them this video filmed off the coast of Argentina. This is not to be missed! A whale actually lifts up a couple of kayakers out of the water!!  The added benefit is that the video is completely in Spanish. Before watching it we discussed words that they would be able to pick up on because the Spanish is very fast. By pointing out some of the words they would hear they were able to recognize them as they watched the video.

Enjoy this sweet book with your students!

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