Saturday, April 23, 2016

Silly Sentences in Spanish

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I love using flashcards to help kids review vocabulary, but let's face it, review with flashcards is rather boring. So when I can, I use flashcards as a basis for creating crazy sentences. Most of my flashcards are stored in categories. For example, all modes of transportation are together or all items in a house are in another pile. {NOTE: I make flashcards with the pictures from these books: Basic Vocabulary Builder and Practical Vocabulary Builder.}

I pick about three categories of vocabulary cards and lay the piles face down. For example, I could use professions, places in a city, and modes of transportation. A student picks up the top card of each pile and then says a sentence based on the three pictures. For example...

El mecánico va al cine en la moto.

The next student then turns over the next set of cards to create a new sentence. Many of the sentences will be "crazy" "The doctors go to the supermarket in a helicopter."

There are tons of card combinations you can use to create sentences. Here are just a few ideas with the cards you would use and an example sentence:

  • Subject pronouns~Verb~Place  {Yo bailo en el banco.}
  • Family Members~Food~Colors {La hermana come las fresas verdes.}
  • Household Items~Rooms in a House {La cama está en la sala.}
  • Clothing~Colors~Seasons  {Uso la camisa blanca en el verano.}
  • Animals~Preposition~Items in a House {El mono está a la derecha de la mesa.}

Don't want to make your own cards? Here are cards that would go well with this activity...

Photo Cards {Already separated into 16 categories}

Photo action cards

Noun Cards {Things Around the Home}

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