Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Vocabulary Games

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Here is a quick game to make to teach/review some of the words related to Christmas and winter.  I use these pictures to make cards by printing them and cutting them out and taping them to half index cards.  By printing out one set you have enough cards to play memory, but if you make two copies of the file...Christmas vocabulary cards you can do Go Fish with sets of four cards for each vocab word.

For memory I have the students say the word in Spanish for each card they pick up.  For Go Fish you use the vocabulary to play the game by asking "Tienes el regalo" or whatever picture you are looking for.  To say "Go Fish" I use "Pesca" with my students.

Here is the list of the words used for these cards:

El árbol de Navidad

La nieve

El muñeco de nieve

Las luces

La vela

El adorno

La estrella

El regalo

These games are super easy to set up and play.  The concept can go for any set of vocabulary.  It is just a matter of making the cards!

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