Friday, January 16, 2015

La Oruga Muy Hambrienta (Free Printable)

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Learning concepts of time (months, days of the week, time) can be challenging for younger students.  I recently did a simple activity with some of my students using La oruga muy hambrienta. Many parents and teachers are familiar with this great story from Eric Carle. What I love about this book is that you can teach the days of the week with it. There aren't a lot of books out there in Spanish that deal with them.

Here is what I do with the book:

I read through the book once with my students.  Then I gave them a chart with the days of the week on it.  La Oruga Muy Hambrienta works well for the days of the week because the book starts with Monday (instead of Sunday), which is considered the first day in the week in Spanish.  I then gave the students little pieces of clip art of the different foods that the caterpillar ate in the book.  As I re-read the book to them they glued the different foods onto the correct days that the caterpillar ate them. Throughout the activity, the numbers, the names of the foods and the days of the week can be reviewed.  As you can see from the picture, Saturday gets a bit ridiculous!  I didn't have room for all the foods, but then again maybe that drives home the point...that that very hungry caterpillar overate!

Here's the file to do the activity...

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