Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Insect Unit in Spanish

This summer I am working with several students to teach them more about insects and creepy crawlies in Spanish. I am using several resources: books, units from Teachers pay Teachers, and some of my own ideas.

Here are some great books that I own and have used with my students...

Mi Pequena Enciclopedia Larousse Los Insectos-I LOVE this little book filled with information on different insects.  Great for younger kids, but also for upper elementary that are learning Spanish.

La oruga muy hambrienta-A classic

La Mariquita Lara-Simple story of a ladybug that loses her spots.  Early elementary.

¡Montones de mariquitas!-Great book for teaching kids to count by 5's using the spots on ladybugs.

Correle, correle ciempies! -A book from the same series as Montones de Marquitas.  This one uses a centipede and teaches counting by 10's.

Super Catarina Y Los Super Insectos-Longer book for upper elementary

                      {Sidewalk Chalk Critters}


One of the activities I do with my students is play Memory with these cards. After we have played and they are somewhat familiar with the words, I have the students draw the critter I call out in Spanish (from the Memory game we just played) with sidewalk chalk.

Here is a prior post of mine with ideas for activities with ladybugs.  You will also find links on this post to units in Spanish on ladybugs at Teachers pay Teachers.

These insect hundreds chart mystery pictures are a cool activity! I use these sheets by calling out the numbers and colors in Spanish so that my students can color in the picture.

This game reviews numbers, colors, shapes, and size.  It could be modified to play it in Spanish.  Click on the picture for the link.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Ideas to teach the days of the week in Spanish

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