Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ladybug Unit {in Spanish}

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This summer I am doing a ladybug unit with one of my students.  I thought I would share the resources that I have come up with for doing a ladybug unit in Spanish.

Here are some books in Spanish to read during the unit:

I bought this Teachers Pay Teachers unit in Spanish as the foundation of what I am teaching.  You can see some of the graphics for it in the above photo.

I also created a felt ladybug out of two large circles (one black and one red) and one small black circle.  We can use this ladybug and some black beans to do number activities with the "manchas" or spots on the back of the ladybug. Some ideas are to call out a number in Spanish and have the student put that many manchas (black beans) on the ladybug.  You could also do addition and subtraction with beans on the two wings.

Here is a site with some great ideas.  It is in English, but you can convert a lot of them to another language. Ladybug ideas

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