Friday, April 24, 2015

Using Hidden Pictures in Language Teaching

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There are times when as a teacher that you need to do a low-key activity to finish off a lesson, or you need to just spend some time review easier material after covering tough concepts. For the past few weeks I have been pulling out these pictures and using them to review vocabulary. I basically cut off the bottom where the words are {see above picture} then I call out a color and the item they need to look for. My students then color in the appropriate item. There are several resources from which you can pull pictures to use in this fashion. Here are a few:

Hidden Pictures in Spanish: Vocabulary Review for Beginners. {Pictured above}-This is the book that I have been using. The artwork is well done and the searching out of the items is challenging. My students have LOVED these. However, I have one complaint about it...There are a few pictures that I would not use with younger children because the have pictures of Dracula, Frankenstein, etc. They aren't overly scary and would be fine for older kids, but I am uncomfortable using them with young ones in case there is a sensitivity to images like that. What I do have to say about these pictures is that they are thematic, and I LOVE that. So, I can pull out the picture page on food and we can find all the hidden foods or if we are reviewing house vocabulary I can pull out the one that reviews those words.

Highlights Hidden Picture Books are another option. I recently bought one of them and will be using it soon. From what I can tell these aren't very thematic...more random things to find.

I love this picture {not a hidden picture activity, but more of an "I Spy" activity}-This picture actually works really well with young children after I have taught them all the rhyming words in Spanish. To see what I did for my rhyming words unit, click here.

Here is another set of "I Spy" type activities. They are set up in French but can be used for any language.

 If you know of other resources for hidden pictures or I Spy pictures please comment below as I am always on the lookout for more resources.

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