Thursday, May 7, 2015

Spanish Books for Summer {for Kids}

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Summer is almost upon us. I am looking forward to the warm days filled with sunshine. If you teach Spanish in any capacity to kids, one of the best ways is through children's literature. I have a huge collection of Spanish children's books that I use all the time with my younger students. Reading is such a great way for them to acquire new vocabulary and to improve their listening skills. Here is a list of books for your summer reading...

Salta y Brinca-Dancing frogs at the end of summer!

Una Isla Bajo el Sol - A boy traveling in a boat spies many objects through his spyglass until he reaches an island.

Plumas para almorzar-Backyard birds outwit a cat who ends up with only feathers for lunch.

Arandanos Para Sal-Sal picks blueberries and runs into a bear!

Vamos Froggy-Froggy books are great fun! In this one Froggy goes on a picnic with his dad.

Froggy Aprende a Nadar  -Frogs are supposed to be great swimmers, but froggy doesn't know how! In this story he learns the steps to great swimming and endures an embarrassing moment.

Hello Ocean/Hola Mar- A day at the beach filled with memories.

Si Quieres Ver Una Ballena- I love this sweet book on how to see a whale! See this post with activity suggestions.

¡Un Día Una Señora se Tragó una Caracola!-There once was a lady who swallowed a shell {and other ocean-y things!}

Looking for other seasonal books?

Winter Books
Spring Books
Fall Books

Also, check out these units that would go well with summer...

Las Plantas
La Selva
Las Piratas

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