Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Teaching Prepositions and Food Vocabulary

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This summer I did a plant unit with some of my Spanish students. In the process of teaching the unit I came across Arriba, Abajo y Alrededor . This cute book talks about how different vegetables grow. Some grow up. Some grow down. And others grow round and round (those that grow on vines). I love the fact that three preposition words are taught and repeated throughout the book. It has been my experience that prepositions are hard for students to remember. As we read through the book, I would have my students do hand motions. If I read "arriba" they would point up. Or if I read "alrededor" they would do a circular motion with their fingers. Most of the food words are vegetables: potatoes, tomatoes, pumpkins, etc. Another good activity is to fold a piece of paper into eighths (fold it in half three times). Then for each "box" on the page You call out a vegetable for each preposition: pimientos arriba; zanahorias abajo; calabazas alrededor. See if your students can draw the veggies in the correct position. You can then add more fun to it by giving them illogical ways that the vegetables grow like "calabazas abajo".

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