Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Food People Drawings

{Artwork by Kaylee}

A simple, enjoyable exercise I do with my students when we learn food vocabulary is for them to make "food people".  They are required to ask a family member (this is what I do because I do private Spanish lessons) or a classmate for a list of ten foods that person likes.  If the conversation can be done in Spanish that is even better.  Once the student has ten items he or she is required to draw that person using only the items on the list.  Then they label the parts in Spanish.

Another activity is to describe their drawing to you or the class.  They can talk about what each body part or article of clothing is made of.  This helps review two more set of vocabulary.  For example, with the above picture you can say...

La cabeza es una zanahoria.
Los brazos sons las bananas.

Over the years I have seen kids do a lot of really creative pictures.  They even teach themselves new vocabulary like rhubarb! {See the picture above to find it.}  Be prepared to be amazed by the creativity!

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