Thursday, October 15, 2015

El Monstruo de Los Monstruos

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I love a great children's book. Using literature is one of the ways I teach Spanish to my students. Last night I came home late to find a package...a book that would be great to use in the month of October and that teaches the value of gratitude and kindness. On so many levels this book delivers. The illustrations are cute. The story is fun and comical. The underlying message has great value.

El Monstruo de los Monstruos starts out with three little monsters who are constantly fighting about who is the biggest and most evil among them. They finally decide to create a monster that will trump them all. The only problem? This new and improved monster doesn't know how to act like one! He says "Thank you" and is kind to others. He finds joy and pleasure in the simple things of life. He eventually becomes a role model for his creators, the three little monsters, when they finally decide that maybe being a monster isn't all that it is cracked up to be.

One of the wonderful aspects of this book is the vocabulary that you can point out and teach your kids. There are a ton of nature words (sea, breeze, grasses, lightning,  etc.) as well as place names (town, bakery, beach). There are a plethora of words related to feelings like grumbling, hugging, smiling, being thankful. {See this post with an activity and free printable that would go well in the month of October and teaching emotions}. There is even some onomatopoeia!

This is definitely a book not to be missed!

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