Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Battleship for Verbs

One of the best ways I get students to do the boring work of verb conjugation is to play battleship with them.  Below you will find a page you can download to create your own battleship boards for whatever language or verbs you are trying to teach.  First, let me explain the process to you...

Download the document and write in the subject pronouns that you want to use {see the above photo}.  Then, above the grid, write the infinitives of the verbs you want to have your students practice.

Make enough copies for as many students as you have.  They will work in groups of two.  On the board on the left they place their ships by outlining the boxes they want.  The board on the right is for recording their hits and misses as they play.  Once they place their ships on the left board, they don't really need to do anything with that board except to record with an X when a part of their ship gets hit.  On the righthand board they can record their hits with an X and their misses with an O.

Instead of saying "A2" or "C5" to locate ships they will now have to conjugate by saying "Nosotros hablamos" or "Ellos comen" to ask if a certain space is a hit or miss.  So as you can see, students will end up doing A LOT of conjugating! This is one of the first activities we do when doing a new set of verbs or tense.  It gets students used to how to conjugate them before starting to use them in speech and writing.

You may also want to provide your students with vocabulary to say "hit", "miss", and "sunk".  With my students we use "golpe", "errado", and "destruido".

Have fun!

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