Friday, May 2, 2014

Teaching Geography in Spanish

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I have several students that are fascinated with maps!  This past spring I used their interest in geography to work with maps and increase their vocabulary in Spanish.  Here are some available resources...

World Foam Map Puzzle-This puzzle is in English, but I use it with younger kids.  As we are putting the puzzle together I name the continents, oceans, colors, and the animals in it in Spanish.  When the puzzle is complete I teach north, south, east, and west.  I also will call out a place in Spanish for them to find.  Once their finger is on that location, I give them a direction.  They move their finger in that direction until I say "Para" (Stop.).  They then have to tell me where they are at in Spanish.  If they don't know the name in Spanish we go over it.

Landforms Unit- This unit can help you teach concepts like mountains, deserts, lakes, etc.

Mi primer Atlas / My First Atlas (Spanish Edition)-This is a great atlas for elementary-aged kids.  All in Spanish! It has physical and political maps of the continents.  I love that you get all the names of the countries in Spanish. There are tidbits of cultural information along with facts on the environment and economics.

Bilingual Puzzle Map of Mexico

North America Map Bilingual Puzzle

Pequeno Mundo: Geografia-Series of books with geographical concepts

Mapping Activity

My Place in the World Activity

Continent Booklet

Compass Rose

Flag Game- Print out the flags of all the Spanish-speaking countries.  When you cut out the flags don't leave the name of the country with it.  You want only the flag.  Put them on cardstock.  You can now play the "slapping game" with a small group of kids.  Lay out the cards.  Call out a country.  The first student to put their hand on the correct flag collects that card. The student with the most cards at the end wins.  When I play with my students I do tell them to be gentle!  Just because we call it the slapping game there should be no slapping of fellow students' hands!

Memory or Go Fish- You could also create these games with the flag cards.  For memory use one card with the flag and the other matching card can be the name of the country in Spanish.  For Go Fish you can create sets of four (four cards with the same flag).  The student has to collect all four to gain the set.

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