Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Teaching Compound Words {Games}

I am getting ready for my fall Spanish lessons.  I seems strange to be working in May for activities that will happen in September, but I have found that it is the best way for me to stay on top of things. Yesterday I posted about working with compound words in Spanish. I am planning on doing this with any of my students that have already been introduced to the present tense.  Most compound words in Spanish involve a verb that is conjugated in the he/she form so a little background in verbs helps.

I created a set of cards to play a few games.  Basically, the first half of the word goes on one card and the other half on another {see below}. I put all the first halves on yellow cardstock and the second halves on orange because I did close to thirty words.  This way they will be easy to sort. Now I can play Memory {It won't be as overwhelming because the cards are on two colors.  They will know to always pick two of each color.}, Go Fish!, and even test my students with the cards by laying out the first halves and letting them put the second halves on top.

Any other great ideas?  How do you teach compound words?


  1. Hi Debbie, What levels do you teach and how do you expose the kids to words like this to begin with? Are you kids free reading ever? I´m only asking because it seems like these would be fun words to know and work with and i love this activity! Thanks for sharing your work!

  2. Megan- I tend to use this activity with kids that have some Spanish background. I find that it is helpful if they have been exposed to verbs and the concept of conjugating in order to do these activities. Many compound words in Spanish use the he/she form of a verb. I teach all levels and all ages. My business is in my home where I give private and small group lessons. I have five year olds all the way to highschoolers.