Monday, December 8, 2014

Of Ice Blocks and Penguins {Teaching Prepositions}

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I have been teaching a Polar Animals Unit to my elementary-age students these past two weeks. One of the concepts we have been working on are prepositions which work well with penguins and ice blocks. I have used these free posters to introduce all the vocabulary dealing with prepositions. While showing my students one of the posters I have them recreate the preposition using a toy penguin and a clear tupperware container as the ice block.  This week we will be doing the exercise on paper.  I created a page with numbered ice blocks and bought a bunch of penguin stickers.  I will use these stickers and pages with my students by describing one of the penguins (what they are wearing) and telling them where to put him in relation to one of the ice blocks on the page.  Here are some examples:

Pon el pingüino que tiene un sombrero rojo y azul cerca del bloque número seis.
Pon el pingüino que tiene los esquís y una bufanda anaranjada encima del bloque número uno.

If you would like to read a story related to penguins along with this activity here are a few...

Perdido y Encontrado - My students loved this book when I read it to them last week! I have to admit it is one of my favorites!

Arriba y Abajo - A penguin that wants to fly!

To see my Polar Animal Unit, click here.

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