Tuesday, December 30, 2014

31 Days of Spanish Books for Kids

I am a lover of books, and I especially love children's books. I use them every time I teach kids Spanish. My collection is pretty extensive {read: "an obsession"}. So I have collected for you a list of some of my favorites. Each day during the month of January come back and read another post about a great book you can use to help kids learn Spanish. I have picked these books based on several criteria {although not all the books have each one of these characteristics}.

A great overall story
Thematic vocabulary
Examples of Hispanic culture
Teaching concepts {Ideas in the story that you can springboard off of to teach Spanish}

So here is the list and links to each post about the books I have chosen.  {Please note that links won't work until the actual date of posting.}

El Increíble Niño Comelibros
Chumba La Cachumba
Mi Pequeña Enciclopedia

Adivina Qué Está Creciendo Dentro de Este Huevo
Un Alce, Veinte Ratones
Los Animales No Se Visten
El Alce Que Tenía Sed

Este Alce es Mío
El Flamboyán Amarillo
Se Venden Gorras
Oso en Bicicleta
Un Recorrido por la Selva

Así Me Siento Yo
La Oruga Muy Hambrienta
De la A a  la Z (Country Books in Spanish)
Como Atrapar una Estrella


  1. I"m also a bibliophile - you're not alone - we are crazies who could live whole mornings or afternoons scanning used book stores with a mental list of the must have. Like you, I "collected" every book I could get my hands on, going to the Spanish section first (juvenile was often lumped together with all other Spanish language material) and looking first for children's books. When I came to live in Northern Spain I had to gift almost all, those and my entire library after years of teaching. Hard. Starting over, a new collection in the making. Exciting. Thanks for your recommendations and a greeting from Astorga.

  2. Yes, my love of books is intense! Would LOVE to visit Spain some day. I have traveled in South America, but would love to go see the "mother country". Thanks for stopping by!