Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Teaching 1-100 in Spanish

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I have a couple of young students who are working on mastering 1-100 in Spanish. Yesterday I came across these number cards {a free printable from The Measured Mom}. I printed them out and laminated them (I tend to laminate a ton of stuff so that it will hold up under little hands. I use this 

The Measured Mom has a list of great ideas on how to use these cards. I will be doing several of these activities in Spanish with my students come January.  I really like "number hunt", "find the missing number" and "race to 100". These are perfect activities to use with young kids to help them review the numbers and yet not deal with the drudgery of repeating them after you over and over again or having to count up to 100 over and over again. I am so glad I found these cards because it will make the learning more enjoyable!

When I teach numbers I also read a couple of books that focus on counting. Here are my favorites:

Huevos y Patas-counting by two's

¡Montones de Mariquitas!-counting by five's

Correle, correle ciempies! -counting by ten's

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