Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Christmas Gifts for Bilingual Kids

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When my boys were little I spoke to them in both English and Spanish. I tried to incorporate children's books in both languages into our reading time. We also had several toys and games that could be used bilingually. So here is a look at gifts you can buy for your kids if you are raising them bilingually. Some can be used with any language and other are more specific...

 Guess Who can be used in any language since it is based on just pictures of people. A great way to review vocabulary related to describing others. Although it is currently not being made,Guess Where, is another great game if you can find it on the used market at a decent price.

Pengoloo can be played in any language. It is great for those learning their colors. To add language to this game I require my students to say the color words as they play.

Snug as a Bug in a Rug  is another preschool game that can be used in any language. It includes colors, numbers, shapes, and size. Once again, it is important for your kids to use the vocabulary as they play.

Books in the languages you are using in your home are a great way to build vocabulary and memories. Here  is my series on 31 books in Spanish for kids.  

Mr. Potato Head- Believe it or not, this toy that has been around since the 1950's is a great way to talk about body parts and clothing. There are all kinds of accessories out there! Read here how I use Mr. Potato Head in another language.

Spot it! Games are a favorite of my students, and the great thing is there are so many versions, and they can be used in any language! Here's how I modify it if kids are still learning the vocabulary. Here are versions I love...

Spot It Junior Animals
Spot It! Numbers and Shapes
Spot it! Splash Card Game
Spot It! Alphabet

Learn Shapes and Draw Placemat in English, Spanish, French, and Chinese!

For older kids, how about Bananagrams in another language? Spanish Bananagrams is available as well as other languages.

Also, for older kids who can read the language...KLOO {Spanish version}, which is a great game to learn sentence structure. There are four decks total to play with... decks 1 and 2 and decks 3 and 4.

Melissa & Doug Spanish Alphabet Floor Puzzle -For those kids who are learning Spanish and the alphabet.

This Spanish Clock Puzzle is a great way to work with numbers and time.

Spanish/English puzzles- There are several versions of these...

Spanish & English Things to Wear
Spanish & English Shapes & Colors
Spanish & English Opposites

These blocks are BEAUTIFUL and come in tons of different languages! Here's a short list:

Uncle Goose Spanish ABC Blocks
Uncle Goose German ABC Blocks
Uncle Goose French ABC Blocks
Uncle Goose Japanese Character Blocks
Uncle Goose Italian ABC Blocks
Uncle Goose Chinese Character Blocks

There are also Greek, Korean, Dutch, Swedish, and the list could go on! You just need to search for the specific language to see if they are available.Take a look here to find the language you want.

And I have to share one more resource from Etsy...these Spanish and English placemats for kids. They are so cute! Check them out!

And last, but not least...how about some bilingual cookies?! You can find them here.

So what gifts have you found helpful for your kids if they are learning more than one language? I would love for you to leave me a comment and let me know!

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