Sunday, November 8, 2015

Teaching Tips for Language Learners

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I just recently started writing  a series coming to Debbie's Spanish Learning in January 2016! I am collecting a plethora of teaching ideas and tips to use in a classroom, small group, or homeschool setting. Some will be totally new ideas I haven't posted about before. Other posts will collect all my teaching tips for different topics like verbs, vocabulary, etc.  Many of the ideas will be applicable to other languages, too. So here is a quick look at some of the ideas I will be sharing with you...

This week I will begin incorporating Rory's Story Cubes into some of the lessons I will be doing with my more advanced students. I am planning on using the Action Story Cubes to review verb conjugations and tenses with my top students who are struggling with keeping all the endings from the different tenses separate in their minds. I am also thinking of using these cubes for writing and speaking exercises to develop my students' fluency.

I just finished typing up two new "Card Talkers" activities. If you are unfamiliar with these printables that I offer {They are free!}, please check out this post. All you need are the printables and Spanish Playing Cards (one deck per five students) to do this activity.

I am also developing some ideas for using word clouds to help with vocabulary building. Here is my Pinterest board of Spanish word clouds.  If you have used these before in your teaching, what do you do?  I would love to hear how you incorporate them. They are great for thematic vocabulary!

I am also planning on sharing the Spanish Fun Facts that I display for my students. Over the past year I have been collecting facts about the Spanish language my students can read about. For example, do you know the other name for "Spanish"? Castellano. How about how many Spanish-speaking countries are there in the world? I have also made small posters that talk about vocabulary differences within the Spanish-speaking world.

I will also give ideas for teaching concepts of time (months, seasons, days of the week, clocks) for younger students.  Other topics will be about using pictures, dice, games, stories, and even colored pencils to help you teach language.

So please come back in January for all the tips and teaching techniques. It is my hope you will find something you can use in your classroom or with your own kids!

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