Monday, January 27, 2014

Bingo with Numbers and Colors

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Two of the first concepts I teach kids in Spanish are the colors and numbers. Bingo is a great way to practice working with this type of vocabulary.  Over the years I have taught preschoolers all the way up to the different age levels present challenges on keeping the activities interesting. Last year I taught a children's Spanish class that had a variety of ages in it (from ages four to eleven).  To make my color and number bingo game more interesting I made different levels of cards {see above}.  There were cards with just counting pictures, the regular cards with the number and color, and then cards in which the child had to do some math to figure out the number for that space.

When I play color and number bingo with my students they have to have the right number in the right color to cover their spots.  I normally make cards with six spaces so the game doesn't run too long and kids lose interest. They must cover all the spots to win. But before I make the cards for the kids, I put together the "calling cards" {see below} so that I know which numbers and colors to call out. Half index cards are great for these.  I also normally limit the range of numbers we are going to play with.  This particular set you see here is for numbers 1-20.  I then make the students' cards on large index cards.  I used stamps {here is a similar set} to create the pictures and number stamps to create the cards with just the digits.

This type of bingo really makes the students think because they have to deal with two sets of vocabulary.  Students quickly learn to figure out the color first and then narrow down the numbers. It is a great review activity!

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