Friday, January 31, 2014

Valentine's Day Ideas for Spanish Learners

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Here are some ideas for teaching about Valentine's Day to your Spanish students...

There aren't a ton of children's books in Spanish out there for Valentine's Day, but here is a short list of possibilities.  My personal favorite is El Primer Beso de Froggy, but as of this posting it is out of print.  If you can get a hold of of the book, it is great for middle to upper elementary students.

El Primer Beso de Froggy
Un beso en mi mano
El Conejito Andarin
Adivina Cuanto Te Quiero

I also create vocabulary games for Valentine's Day...either Bingo, Memory, or Go Fish work well.  Here is the list of vocabulary I normally use...

los besos
el corazón
los caramelos
el chocolate
el regalo
las flores
el cupido
la tarjeta
la flecha
el abrazo

I search for images for these items and create a file that has two copies of each image and then one copy of the word printed out.  I then put these on half index cards.  I then laminate them so that they will last. So for every word I have two image cards and one word card.  This set of cards gives you a lot of leeway on which game to use and what level to do depending on the age of your students.  For example, you can play Memory two ways by matching the same two pictures together for younger students or by matching the picture and the word for older students.  All you need to do is pull the cards you want to use.  For Go Fish, I tend to use just the picture cards.  You may need to make more than one deck of cards depending on how many students you have at once.  I now only do small group lessons so one deck of cards suffices.

Also, you can make bingo cards with the images (I do six images per card) and use the word cards as your calling cards.  This is a bit more work as you need to make enough cards for the number of students you have. And, of course, you will need to print more images for the bingo cards.  But I made a set when I taught in the public school system that I used year after year.  We used conversation hearts as markers for their bingo cards.  The students LOVED it.  Basically, to win, a student had to cover all six images on the card as I called them out in Spanish.

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