Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Teaching Emotions with Ping Pong Balls

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So here is a quick hands-on idea for teaching and reviewing emotions.  Get some Ping Pong Balls and a black sharpie.  Look online for facial expressions like these (See these cards) or come up with your own faces.

There are a plethora of examples when you google "How are you feeling today faces".  Then using someone who has artistic talent {Which would NOT be me.  My husband made the ping pong balls you see at the top of the post.}, draw a face on each ball.

I use these ping pong balls to review emotions by putting all of them in a sack or bag.  One student asks another...
¿Cómo estás?  The second student pulls out a ping pong ball from the bag and answers according to what they see on the ball. He or she can then toss the ball into a bowl.  You continue doing this until the emotions run out.

Another game {a little more wild} is to place the balls in the center of a circle of students.  Call out an emotion and see who can retrieve the correct one first.  Note: Set some serious parameters on how to play so that no one gets hurt!!

Anytime you can add variety to your teaching...like with these ping pong balls, you increase the motivation to learn! Have fun!

Here are a few children's books in Spanish to go along with teaching emotions...

Quiero Mas Fideos!
¿Cómo me siento?- Very simple board book
Así me siento yo

And look at this great set for young kids...Lego Education Build Me Emotions.


  1. Great idea! ¡Mil gracias!

  2. If you are not artistic and your husband neither, I guess you can print an emotion handout on label paper and stick the figures into the ball. That's what I will try to do.