Wednesday, January 1, 2014

El Misterioso Caso del Oso

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El misterioso caso del oso is another great book by Oliver Jeffers that can be used to increase vocabulary for your Spanish students.  In this story, the woodland animals are trying to figure out the mystery of where all the trees are going. The mystery is eventually solved when the bear is caught chopping down trees to make paper in order to enter a paper airplane contest.

There are several sets of vocabulary that can be introduced with this book, but the most unique list would be words related to mysteries or court cases...

las pistas-clues
el testigo-witness
las huellas-footprints
el culpable-the guilty one
interrogar-to interrogate
el juez-judge

Or you could introduce the names of the animals in the book...

el oso
el búho-owl
el cerdo-pig
el ganso-goose
el ciervo-deer
el koala

Such a cute book!  Be sure to check out my other reviews of Oliver Jeffers books in Spanish.  I will be posting more of them through the month of January.  To find them either click on the link {that says Oliver Jeffers} at the beginning of this post or click on "Oliver Jeffers" in the categories on the sidebar.

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