Thursday, June 9, 2016

Learning through Spanish Children's Books

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I absolutely love using stories as a teaching tool! I have used them with my own sons when they were little, and then eventually, started using them with my Spanish students. Over the next several Mondays in June and July I will be posting about children's books in Spanish along with learning activities to go with them. When you read a story to a child you not only can develop their vocabulary in the language, but you can also teach them about the world around them. 

Here is a list of the books I will be looking at. The link in parentheses will take you to the actual post filled with learning activities for each book. Please be aware that those links won't work until the posts are live.

I also have on the blog several others books I have highlighted and compiled activities for. Here is a list:

I am hoping through some of these posts you can pick up one of these books, read it to kids, and then do some great learning activities with them!

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