Monday, January 26, 2015

Pinta Ratones {With a Learning Activity}

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Pinta Ratones is a great book to use when teaching colors to kids in Spanish. What makes this story better than your average "color book" is that they aren't just named, but rather a plot line makes the introduction of the primary and secondary colors more interesting.  Three white mice find three jars of paint that they mix to make orange, green, and purple. They then proceed to paint paper in all the colors but leave one spot white so they can hide from the cat.  There is a bit of humor even in the book when the mice get messy from the paint and wash themselves in the cat's water dish.

Normally when I read this book to elementary kids I do a color mixing activity.  This activity is my favorite to do since the results are like magic as the colors mix. I also like it because it uses simple materials that you probably already have on hand. Also each child can do the color mixing in his or her space and be able to see the results up close and personal. Here is another link to the printables to use with this activity.

So if you are teaching colors in Spanish  Pinta Ratones and the above activity are the way to go. Have fun with color!


  1. Thanks Debbie for the ideas. I'll use in the future :-) Gracias!