Monday, March 9, 2015

Ideas for Teaching Colors in Another Language

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Colors are one of the first things I start with when teaching Spanish to my new students. Here is a list of supplies and ideas for teaching colors in any language...


Colors Bean Bags

Monsters Stickers -For a variety of activities like this.

Color Dot Stickers- For this activity.

Demasiados Globos-This is the very first book I use with young kids to introduce colors.

Pinta ratones-I love this book on color mixing! I incorporate this activity with it.

Sali de paseo-Another great children's book.

Sharpie Accent Retractable Highlighters are great for older kids. I use them with picture pages and have the students follow my instructions like "Put a green circle on the house." I have also used these with more advanced students having them highlight the parts of speech in a Spanish paragraph. Each part of speech gets a different color.

Spot It! Numbers and Shapes-My students LOVE these games. The alphabet and the numbers game incorporate colors.


Se Venden Gorros-By reading this classic book you can review colors.  There are a few activity ideas at the end of the post.

Mystery Pictures-To review colors and numbers.

Shape Monsters are a fun activity for younger kids.

Color and Number Bingo

Copy Cats- A simple game for the younger set.

Mr. Potato Head can be used to review colors especially if you have different sets of accessories.

So what supplies and activities do you use to teach colors?


  1. Fruit loops! Flags from Spanish-speaking countries, plastic sand pails in all colors for a beanbag toss game, spinners, big dice (I covered up the sides with colored circles), foam mats to jump on or for a Cakewalk game, and envelopes of colored paper squares for each student to manipulate as we sing color songs. Thank you for your wonderful ideas and book suggestions! I am always looking for new ways to teach colors...

  2. Wow! Loves these ideas!!! Thanks!