Saturday, January 23, 2016

Story Cubes for Verb Conjugations

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Anytime as a teacher you can give your students another fun way to practice what they are learning you have succeeded! I am constantly looking for other ways to help my students practice Spanish in unique ways. Verbs tend to be one of the hardest concepts to master in Spanish because there are so many forms. So I was delighted one day as I walked down the aisle of a local store to find Action Story Cubes! There are nine dice in the set each with a small picture of an action on each side so that's 54 different verbs! Here are some ways they can be used when teaching another language...

-Create cards that have the subject pronouns on them {I, you, he, she, etc.}. Place them face down on the table. Then have your students roll the dice {They can roll one or all of them.} and pick up one subject pronoun card. They then pick a verb {if they rolled more than one die} and conjugate that verb according to the subject pronoun card.

-For more advanced students, add another set of cards with the names of the tenses on them {present, past, future, conditional, etc.}. Now the students must conjugate verb according to the subject and the tense on the cards.

-For beginners, have the student roll all the dice and see how many actions they can name.

-Roll the action dice along with other Story Cubes. Have them create sentences using at least one action and one other cube. NOTE: Each set of cubes is in a different color which makes it easier to separate out the sets later and for your students to see which are the action cubes and which are the regular ones. 

All of the above activities can be used with small groups. If you teach a larger number of students you can break them down into groups of four or five. Because monitoring what students are doing in several groups is hard, I would sometimes have them write down their answers from what they did. Later you can go back and briefly check their papers to see if they were understanding. Writing what they came up with is particularly great if they are creating sentences. 

There are several sets of Rory's Story Cubes, here's a list of all of them that you can choose from...

Rory's Story Cubes-The original set
Rory's Story Cubes Actions
Rory's Story Cubes - Voyages- These are awesome! Pictures of a camera, cave, circus tent, mountains, and so much more!
Rory's Story Cubes Mix- Enchanted, Prehistoria, Clues-Pictures related to fairy tales, dinosaurs, and crime investigation.
Rory's Story Cubes - Original, Actions, Voyages, Prehistoria, Enchanted, Clues (Set of 6)- This includes all the sets!

Come back tomorrow and read about how I use these cubes to encourage my students to write in the target language. There will also be a free printable!!

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