Sunday, January 3, 2016

Drawing and Language Learning

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Many of my students are artistic unlike their teacher who can barely pull together a stick figure! I love being able to incorporate drawing into my lessons for and Spanish all rolled in one. I can incorporate listening skills into the lesson by giving them instructions on what to draw. They can also practice speaking by having them give instructions in the target language to a fellow student. So here is a look at a few of my posts that incorporate drawing...

If you want to get you students started drawing and incorporate a wide range of vocabulary then check out this post on listening and drawing. There are links and several free printables you can use right away. My students become really creative with these activities after I model it for them by doing the speaking for several drawings. After that, I hand over the reins to them and let them come up with creative ideas on what they want their classmates to draw.

Children's books and drawing are another way to reinforce vocabulary. Normally I read them a book and then give them instructions in Spanish to draw characters, items, and actions that were presented in the store.Si quieres ver una ballena  is a great book to do this with. I explain in detail how to go about it here. Also, Harold y el Lapiz Color Morado is another great book to practice with. The series of books modeled after "there once was an old lady who swallowed a..." are awesome because they contain a lot of items that are repeated. After reading one of these books you can quiz your students by calling out an item from the book and seeing if they can draw it.

Finally, check out these drawing exercises students can do as homework assignments.

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