Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Using Stickers in Language Learning

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Kids love stickers! One of the ways I add variety to my teaching is to occasionally pull out my collection of stickers and use them in listening activities with my students. The basic idea is for each child to have the same set of stickers to use on a piece of paper with a picture or various pictures on it. I describe the sticker in the target language and where to put it on the page. I then see if my students can follow directions.

For the pages we use I love these books, Basic Vocabulary Builder and Practical Vocabulary Builder. They are blackline master with thematic pictures on each page. Here are some examples...

I have also used other types of pages like when we learn how to tell time in Spanish I use a sheet filled with pictures of clocks. I instruct my students to put a certain sticker on the time I tell them. A final idea on pages? You can use any scene with lots of items and actions in it. The more there is on the page the more the students have to listen carefully to your instructions and hunt for the correct picture to put their stickers on.

Here are sheets of stickers I have found useful. The goal is to use sheets that have enough items that are different from each other that you can describe to your students exactly which sticker to use.

Monsters Shape Stickers  are great because you can review colors, body parts, and even a few animal words (For example, one of the monsters has the nose of an elephant. Another looks like a snake.)

Penguin Stickers- Great for reviewing winter clothing like hats, scarves, skis, etc. See this post for another activity with these stickers.

Emoticons Stickers-Use these to review emotion vocabulary.

Snowmen Stickers -Once again for winter clothing.

Robot Stickers- Also great for reviewing body parts

Pirate Stickers- Lots of vocabulary here!

Kid Stickers-These are awesome for reviewing how to describe people.

Alphabet Stickers-I use these after teaching the alphabet.

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