Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Using Stories to teach Spanish

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I love a well-written story. It is through stories we learn about the world. Stories open up our hearts to learn in situations when we are closed to new ideas and concepts. I own a huge collection of children's books in Spanish for my younger students, and I am constantly collecting good literature written in Spanish for my high school students. Many of these stories I have posted about here on the blog. If you are looking to use stories in your teaching here are some posts with book suggestions and ideas.

By far my most popular post is the one on literature for high school students. In my post called Teaching Spanish Literature, I talk about a book called Album. This is an excellent collection of short stories for advanced students who are starting out with literature. It is out-of-print but very cheap on the used market. One of the stories in the book shouldn't be missed, Una Carta a Dios. Here is a post with more information and resources for the story.

Last year in January, I did a series of Spanish children's books for kids. Here is the post. There are thirty-one books to check out for your younger learners.

Here are a few more posts with some great children's books...

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