Sunday, January 10, 2016

Unit Studies in Spanish

Each semester I teach one unit study to my elementary-age students. It is a time to branch out and learn about the world around them and to increase their vocabulary. So here's a look at all the unit studies I currently have on the site. They include vocabulary lists, teaching ideas, book suggestions, and many of them have free printables.

Oceans- I am planning on doing this one in the spring. I can't wait! Here is also a post on ocean-themed children's books in Spanish.

Plants-I like to do this unit in the spring or summer. It includes two free printables.

Solar System-I just finished teaching this unit to my students, and it has been one of my favorites!

Rainforest-With this one, you can incorporate some geography of South America.

Polar Animals-Since I live in Alaska, this unit study was near and dear to my heart. Learn about the Arctic and Antarctic animals. If you want to incorporate prepositions into this unit, check out this penguin activity.

Pumpkins-We measured pumpkins and talked about buoyancy with this unit. A great one for the fall. This is a great activity to do during this unit. 


Insects-Great for the spring and summer. You can also incorporate this ladybug unit into it.

Are you looking for more teaching ideas? See the whole series here.


  1. Hi Debbie, I love these thematic units! I teach 2nd grade in an immersion school and will definitely incorporate your ideas into my habitat units! I'm also looking for good resource books (in Spanish) for my kiddos to research info on specific Spanish speaking countries; ideally info on geography/landforms, wildlife, indigenous culture, history, etc. Do you know of any good series (by country) or encyclopedia-style resource for that?

  2. There are a series of books that are in Spanish about each country that speaks Spanish. They are not encyclopedia like however. Here's a link to a post I wrote about them.