Monday, January 11, 2016

Make Your Own Games for Language Learning

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I love making games for my students that are specific to what we are learning. Here is a list of ideas (with links to instructions) on the games I make a use with my students...

If you have a set of cards with vocabulary on them (in picture form) that your students are learning you can play the following games (NOTE: You need two cards for each vocabulary item): Memoria (Memory) and Pesca (Go Fish).

With the same cards you can play the Slapping Game. (No slapping of each other!!) Lay out the cards on the floor.  Call out a word.  The first student to put their hand on the correct card gets to keep the card.  The goal is to have the most cards at the end.

File Folder Games- See this one for the days of the week and this one for the Preterite and Imperfect to get ideas on how to set these games up.

Sentence-making Games are great when you need to focus on the sentence structure of the language.

Border Search is a challenging version of Memory for older kids.

There is a great book about making homemade games called Games...Tools for Learning. I have taken several ideas from it. It is just loaded with all kinds of games you can make! Unfortunately, it is out-of-print and may be expensive. It is available Amazon if you want to purchase it. If you are willing to take the time to make games it is worth it!

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