Friday, January 23, 2015

El Loro Tico Tango

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{As of the writing of this post this book is out of print, but it is well-worth the effort of finding it! From time to time books go back into print or they can be found cheaply on the used market.}

My students have loved El Loro Tico Tango! It is a great rhyming book about the tropical forest that introduces kids to different animals and fruits. It also has a moral lesson. Being greedy leads to losing all you desired and maybe even some friendships, too. Tico Tango starts to steal from his fellow jungle-mates. Each time a robbery occurs another fruit is added to the list of goods. In the end, Tico Tango has to apologize in order to maintain his friendships and gain a little fruit to eat.

Here is a list of the animals and fruit that are covered in the book:

el loro
el perezoso
el mono
la serpiente
la rana
el jaguar
el lagarto

el mango
el limón
el higo
la cereza
las uvas
la papaya
el dátil

Here are some other ideas to go along with the book especially if you are doing a jungle unit:

Homeschool Share (in English) 

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