Monday, January 19, 2015

Mi Primer Atlas

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A year ago or so I had a set of students that adored geography, and I set out to find a great atlas for my students that are in the elementary grades. What I found was Mi Primer Atlas and fell in love with it. Even my students request it! A few weeks ago I had a student ask, "Can you pull out that map book again in Spanish? I want to know the name of the place I dream of going to."

The atlas is published by Everest (a company in Spain) and is a mixture of maps (both physical and political), drawings, photos, and a plethora of geographical information. There are pages on the following topics:

The Solar System
The climate
The seasons
The poles
The environment
The continents

Completely in Spanish, the information given in the book is clear enough for intermediate beginners and yet has enough fascinating facts for older elementary kids. I LOVE having maps labeled all in Spanish! Now when my students ask the Spanish name of a country all we have to do is look at the atlas.

It is my hope this year to teach a geography unit and this book will be the backbone to what we do in class. When I get all the resources together I will share with you what I have created. So stay tuned! For the time being here are some resources I am looking at using...

Teaching Geography in Spanish

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