Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Froggy Se Viste

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If you are planning on teaching clothing vocabulary to kids then you absolutely need Froggy Se Viste! Not only is there humor in the story line, there is also a ton of vocabulary of clothes. What makes it a great teaching book is that the clothing vocabulary is repeated over and over again in a delightful (not boring) way. In the story, Froggy wakes up in the middle of the winter and decides to go out and play in the snow. Each time he reaches the great outdoors his mom reminds him that he forgot to put something on. So he heads back inside to take off part of the clothing so that he can add the missing article. In the end, it all becomes too much for Froggy, and he decides to go back to bed.

Here is a list of the clothing vocabulary that is in the book:

las medias
las botas
la gorra
la bufanda
los guantes
los pantalones
la camisa
la chaqueta
la ropa interior

This book would also be great to use in a frog unit or to introduce weather and seasons.

There are lots of great Froggy books out there that you can use for teaching purposes. Check them out!

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