Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Los Animales No Se Visten

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Los animales no se visten is an older book from the 1970's, but its value endures in its humor. I use this book when teaching a clothing unit. Basically, the book goes through a myriad of reasons why animals shouldn't wear clothing. For example, a kangaroo has no use for clothes because she already has a pocket. A walrus and clothing don't mix because his clothes would always be wet. While clothing vocabulary is not actually stated in the book you can flip through the pages with with your students and talk about in Spanish what the animals are wearing.

Los Animales no se Visten is also a humorous read for older students who are learning the conditional tense. Every page has a verb in the conditional. It might be a fun way to introduce the tense before getting into all its forms and uses.
So I will leave you with the best illustration of all in the book...Why shouldn't animals wear clothing? Because it would only complicate a chicken's life!