Thursday, January 29, 2015

Plumas para Almorzar

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Plumas para Almorzar meanders through a garden with a cat as the antagonist of the story. The unlucky feline is in search of a meal of tasty bird. However, he only succeeds in getting a mouthful of feathers.

Plumas para Almorzar would be a great addition to your Spanish library especially if you are teaching a unit on nature, birds or flowers and plants. On each page the book names the bird and flowers pictured while telling the story in rhyme. Here is the list of birds consolidated on the back cover...

Some of the plants labeled in the book are tomatoes, pine trees, tulips, lilacs, and the list goes on. This coming summer or fall I am thinking of creating a unit on plants and flowers and including this book as part of our reading. It would be a great opportunity to teach the parts of a flower and the life cycle of plants.

A bird unit would be another way to use this book. Here are some outside resources to go along with Plumas para Almorzar.

Spanish Plant Unit
Make a paper bird and talk about the parts in Spanish.
Parts of a Plant Fold-n-Learn in Spanish and English.
Plant Life Cycle Unit
Bird Unit for older elementary

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