Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Ruidos en la Casa

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Ruidos en la casa: Un misterio is a cute story about a dog that is afraid of the noises he is hearing in the house. The poor puppy goes through all kinds of scenarios on what could be causing the noises. In the end, he gets a delightful surprise that isn't scary at all!

My students are drawn to this book because of the facial expressions of the dog. In the process of reading it, they are exposed to a plethora of house vocabulary:

la puerta
la ventana
el piso
el reloj
el calentador
el refrigerador
el techo
el garaje
el corredor
la pared

This book could also be added to a unit on the five senses since it surrounds the different noises that the dog is hearing. This also might be the time to talk about onomatopoeiaSeñor Pancho Had a Rancho explores the different sounds on a farm in both Spanish and English and would be a great addition to talking about onomatopoeia. 

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