Sunday, January 11, 2015

Oso en Bicicleta

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I love the Oso books from Barefoot Books, and Oso En Bicicleta is no exception. It is a great book to use to introduce modes of transportation and geographical areas (like prairie, island, etc.).  There is rhyming throughout the book as each page Oso takes a new mode of transportation to a different place. As a word of warning there is two typos in my copy of the book ("quiero" is spelled "queiro" and "cohete" is spelled "cochete"), but I never felt that this would negate using the book with my students (many of them aren't reading yet). These typos may have been corrected since I bought the book so I am not sure if they exist in newer copies. The illustrations only add to the story and give a mom or teacher the opportunity to talk about the scenes in the target language. The book could even be used to introduce your students to animals as there are a plethora of them displayed in the pictures. 

Here is a list of the transportation and places that the book uses...

la bicicleta
el mercado
la balsa
el bosque
la carreta
la pradera
la locomotora
la playa
el barco
la isla
el globo
el cielo
el carruaje
el castillo
el cohete

Oso is not to be missed!

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