Monday, November 4, 2013

Increasing Listening Skills in Spanish

Spanish Proficiency Exercises

 One of the hardest parts of language learning is being able to decipher the spoken word.  It becomes even more difficult in a language like Spanish that has a plethora of dialects.  I have used this site from the University of Texas with my students to introduce them to the difference in the way Spanish is spoken.  What I like about it is that you can pick the level of difficulty, the topic and even where the speaker is from!  As you watch the video you have the option of looking at a Spanish or English script of what is being said.  You can also choose to not look at a script at all which is what I have my students do at first.  For each topic the site also provides a vocabulary list, phrases list, and grammar points.  This is an excellent resource for high school and college level students!

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