Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Seven Ways to Use Word Clouds in a Language Classroom

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I love the word clouds you can find on Pinterest in Spanish! Many of them I have printed out and displayed for my students. {Here is my Pinterest board on word clouds.} There are other activities you can do with these graphics to help your students learn some new vocabulary and work with the words. Here is a list of ideas:

Have them pick 7-10 words and do some of the following activities...

Draw pictures of the selected words.
Define the words using the target language.
Write a story using the words.
Draw a scene using the vocabulary. Label it in the target language.
Spell the words {in the target language} to a classmate and see if they write them down correctly.
Pick verbs in the cloud and have them conjugate them in certain tenses.
Use the letters in the selected words to spell new/other words in the target language.


If the words in the cloud are different parts of speech have your students categorize the words into nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.

You and/or your students can create word clouds using one of these two programs: Wordle or Tagxedo.

Have any other ideas on how to use these? I would love to hear them.

Need other ways to motivate your students? How about using comics or story cubes in your classroom?

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